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You don’t have to be GREAT to start, but you have to START to be GREAT!

Higher Turnover Websites has been serving auto dealerships for more than a decade with car dealer websites and internet marketing, and was the first company to offer web design specifically for automotive salespeople. If you’re a car salesman and have ever thought about creating your own website to attract more car buyers, you’ve come to the right place.

Who We Help:

Professional salespeople. Whether you’re a veteran salesperson who has been selling cars the old fashioned way for 30 years or a new salesperson, we can help you sell more cars. Our clients are typically forward-thinking, proactive salespeople and new salespeople who wish to hit the ground running. If you’ve found yourself on this site, chances are you find yourself in one of those categories, and you’re already ahead of the curve.

What We Do:

Higher Turnover Websites will create a website to brand your most important asset: yourself. Any car shopper can find a dealer website, find a vehicle they like, and contact the dealership. This scenario may be the norm for many, but it usually results in leads being distributed by an internet manager through a round-robin system. As a salesperson, you may have spent time creating a basic online presence like a Facebook page, but once they get to the dealership’s website, you may not get that lead, even if it originally came from your own hard work. By having Higher Turnover create your salesperson website, you are helping to ensure that your leads remain yours. It also acts as a secondary lead generation tool, so you don’t have to simply rely on the internet manager handing you the leads he/she deems appropriate. More leads means more sales, period. Using our tools, you are able to work smarter, and get credit for the sales you generate.

People buy from people they can identify with. Having your own car salesman website affords you the opportunity to start building rapport with people before they even set foot in the dealership. A car shopper is much more likely to buy a vehicle from you if they are able to see that you’re more than just another salesperson. Maybe you have kids who play sports. Maybe you’re a military veteran. Whatever the case, letting people get to know you before you try to sell them a vehicle will make the sale that much easier.

Your own website is about branding yourself, not just the dealership or OEM manufacturers you represent. It’s about building value in the car buying experience with you.

And if you ever leave your current dealership, your site is your own, enabling you to take your own book of business with you to the next dealership.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to see how Higher Turnover Websites can help bring your sales to the next level!

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