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Everything you need in a personal website to sell more cars

Personal Websites

You're not in the car business, you're in the people business, so how are you currently connecting with customers? If you're simply relying on your dealership website, take a close look and ask yourself how the dealer site is helping build relationships between you and your customers. Or if you're just relying on your own Facebook page for car sales, how are you standing out from everyone else doing the same thing? Our services have brought the tools that real estate agents have been using for years and perfected them for the auto industry. We don't just give you a personal website for car sales, we provide the tools needed to succeed. Tools to capture and keep your own leads instead of losing them to coworkers. If you use the tools we provide, you will sell more cars, it's that simple.
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Vehicle Inventory

Selling vehicles requires being able to show those vehicles to customers, so naturally a salesperson website should include dealership inventory. The #1 problem automotive salespeople complain about is losing leads to coworkers. By having your own personal website with inventory displaying your own contact info, you minimize the chances of coworkers taking your leads. Every vehicle displays your direct phone number and your email address receives the lead. We can connect your website to dealership inventory so your own site is always up to date with current inventory pricing, photos, etc. With our data integration, if a vehicle is updated on the dealer's website, it's automatically updated on your site. Your site can update automatically, which is important for consistency.
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Responsive Designs

Mobile devices account for more than half of all website visitors. Having a responsive design for your website is no longer a feature to consider, but a must-have. With our responsive designs your site will not be a watered-down mobile version but the full version of your site, adapted for the size of the screen your visitors use. A consistent experience whether using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Your customers expect a seamless experience across all devices, and we help you deliver. Many of our designs utilize Bootstrap; technology developed by Twitter and now used by many of the most popular sites on the web. In other words, your personal salesperson site is built upon the same platform as some of the highest-traffic sites in the world.
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Theme Selection

Let's face it, everyone has different tastes when it comes to design. With our platform, you're able to make changes to your website at any time, and as frequently as you like. Customize individual colors, fonts, layouts, or select from one of several pre-set color schemes for a look and feel you know will look great. Any of these changes can be made in seconds, with one click of the mouse. All of this is made possible through the industry's most flexible platform, developed in-house for salespeople like you. Your salesperson website sets you apart from other salespeople, so why settle for a site that looks like everyone elses? You offer your customers a unique car buying experience, and your website should be an extension of that. We make it easy.
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Activity Reporting

Each of our client sites includes Google Analytics so you can see important statistics and gauge the effectiveness of not only your site, but your marketing campaigns. Whether you're only interested in the basics such as how many visitors you had on your site during a given timeframe, or more detailed info such as what are the bounce rates for users on mobile devices only, it's all available for you to review. When used properly, Analytics provides valuable insight into user behavior on your site, which can then be used to maximize the efficiency and ultimately generate more leads. By measuring results, you're able to have peace of mind when you're able to see exactly how many visitors your site receives over time, and track the growth of your site.
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Social Media Integration

Your personal website can be integrated with your own social media to maximize leads and conversions. Link to each of your social media profiles, automatically post vehicles and customer testimonials, and even embed your Facebook page right on the homepage of your site to increase your followers. Social media integration helps you drive traffic to your site, and more traffic means more leads. Set up automatic sharing to your social media platforms so you can automatically post vehicles to your pages for followers to see. Do the same with customer reviews - whenever you post a customer testimonial on your own site, it can be shared automatically to your social platforms via 3rd party apps. Referral traffic you don't even have to ask for, now that's easy!
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